Master the international language: Free English course available now

Learning English is essential in today’s world due to various reasons that open doors to new opportunities both personally and professionally.

English is the most widely used language in international communication, allowing interaction with people from different cultures and countries, both during travel and in work environments.

Furthermore, English is considered the language of global business, increasing job opportunities and possibilities for professional success.

Access to information and resources is another significant benefit of learning English. Much of the academic, scientific, and technological information is available in English, providing access to books, journals, studies, and online resources that are not available in other languages.

If you are interested in learning English, Universidad del Rosario offers a free online course called “English for Everyone: Basic Level.”

This course, designed by experts in foreign languages, provides the necessary tools to learn English from the very basics.

The course consists of five units that cover everything from basic concepts to the ability to communicate fluently in English. Additionally, upon completing the course, you have the option to obtain an official verified certificate with curriculum value.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn a new language and improve your communication skills online.

Enroll on the edX platform and access the course “English for Everyone: Basic Level” using the following link.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn English for free and acquire an invaluable skill in the globalized world we live in. Start your learning journey today!


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